At Wildflowers, we don’t want to just be a participant in this great big world, we want to make it BETTER! Too many children across the globe are in danger of being exploited, abused, abandoned, or are in dire need of medical treatment. Our program will bring HOPE to some of the most at-risk and vulnerable children at home and abroad. The goal is to use our talents and our success to offer hope to children around the world who need it most.

We are excited and eager to keep spreading Seeds of Hope through our charity for this season — Respire Haiti. One of our super sweet and passionate consultants, Amber Thorne, introduced us to this incredible charity. Respire Haiti’s beautiful story began in August of 2010, when its founder, Megan Boudreaux, had an unrelenting calling from God to move to Gressier, Haiti. After seeing first-hand the most deplorable living conditions, witnessing child slavery, and coming in contact with corrupt orphanage leaders, Megan decided something must be done. She saw the dire need for education and safe place for the community’s children and from there Respire Haiti was born. Megan shares her entire beautiful and inspiring story in her book, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain. It truly is a must-read! With your help this season, we look forward to sharing Megan’s story with the world and helping her continue to be a light and source of hope to the children of Haiti!