At Wildflowers, we don’t want to just be a participant in this great big world, we want to make it BETTER! Too many children across the globe are in danger of being exploited, abused, abandoned, or are in dire need of medical treatment. Our program will bring HOPE to some of the most at-risk and vulnerable children at home and abroad. The goal is to use our talents and our success to offer hope to children around the world who need it most.

Each season we will partner with a different charity and donate a percentage of sales to that organization. We will feature our partner charity on the tag of every item each season. This season we have chosen to support the charity Unbound and more specifically, their Education fund. By supporting their Education fund, we will be able to empower children all over the world with the educational tools they need to end the vicious cycle of poverty and rise above their deplorable living conditions. We are excited to share more about Unbound and their success stories throughout the season! If you’d like to learn more about Unbound, please click here.